Q: Do your sizes differ from other sun protective clothing lines?

A: Our sizes tend to be a bit smaller! If you prefer your clothing a little more loose in the summer months, we suggest you go a size up. For more detailed information, view the sizing chart in the shop section.

Q: How does your fabric differ from other sun protective fabrics on the market?

A: All of our garments are made with Luminology Technology® fabric. This proprietary fabric has been infused with a plant-based oil, which gives it all of its functional properties. Since the oil is woven into the fabric, our fabrics are naturally UPF 50+, wrinkle resistant, antimicrobial, temperature regulating, and quick drying. Never coated with chemicals to attain functionality, our fabrics will last wash after wash after wash.

Q: Doesn’t regular clothing protect me from the sun? Why is sun protective clothing necessary?

A: Thick, tightly woven fabrics such as denim and polyester do protect you from the sun, but who wants to wear those in humid climates? Most of us travel with linen and cotton clothing to stay cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. The truth is that a typical cotton or linen T-shirt only has a UPF factor of 5, which is not enough to protect you from the harmful, cancer causing UVA/UVB rays!  All our fabrics have been carefully chosen to feel airy and comfortable in hot climates and have been tested and certified to be UPF 50+. You can now rest assured that you are being protected without any guesswork!

Q: Where are your our products made?

A: All of our garments are made in in the USA with imported fabrics.

Q: Do I need to wear sunscreen when wearing luminora?

A: While our fabrics are guaranteed to protect you from 99.8% of UVA/UVB rays, sunscreen should still be worn in areas where skin is exposed. No need to wear sunscreen underneath your luminora clothing!

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we do ship internationally. Be sure to choose your country and desired shipping at checkout.

Q: What’s your return policy?

A: We offer a 15 day return and 30 day exchange policy. To send your order back to us, you can fill out the form here. To help make the return or exchange easy and hassle free, we cover the cost of shipping. If you have any further questions about returns or exchanges, you can email info@luminora.com or read here. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free international returns at this time.