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White - Luminora


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All in stock items will be processed within 2-3 business days.  Items on back order will be processed within 7-9 days. 
Regardless of shipping method chosen, the expected delivery depends on USPS services during the current situation. 

Please check the size chart carefully before ordering.  Due to the hazards associated with the current situation we do not process returns or exchanges.

Recommended sizing:

Face mask sizing is largely dependent on facial anatomy and bone structure. Above recommended measurements are general guidelines.  Smaller size will be more snug, but provide less coverage. Larger size will provide more coverage but will be slightly looser.  

Below are additional sizing guidelines: 

XS - Children, Adolescent, Petit Adult
SMALL- Petit adult
MEDIUM- Average Adult
LARGE- Full size Adult

Luminora masks are made with our proprietary  Luminology Technology ® fabric and are naturally:

 Antimicrobial (odor resistant)

- Moisture impermeable (protects from respiratory droplets) 
 Temperature regulating (allows for comfort no matter the climate)
 Soft and lightweight (allows for comfort and ease)
 Breathable (you can breathe comfortably)
 UPF 50 + (blocks 98% of harmful UVA/UVB rays)
 Quick drying (air dries in less than 30 minutes)
 Fade resistant (looks new wash after wash)

Fabric Contents: 81% Polyester, 19% Spandex

Why use our masks?

The biggest challenge is finding a mask that is made with a fabric that is tightly woven to protect you from respiratory droplets, but breathable and comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. 

Here is where our mask which is made with our proprietary, all-natural, Luminology Technology ® fabric comes to the rescue. The yarn is infused with a plant-based oil, derived from forsythia,  which gives the fabric its performance and functional properties. Never treated with chemicals, our fabrics are ideal for making masks that are protective, soft, elegant, and hypoallergenic. Please note while our masks are not medically graded, they have been tested in a lab to have 46% filtration efficiency which is nearly double a 3 layered cotton mask.

Now Available at Brookville Pharmacy in:
5454 Wisconsin Ave. #400
Chevy Chase, MD

Where can Wholesalers or Organizations purchase masks in bulk? 

We are currently taking bulk pre-orders for our protective face mask (minimum order -200). We can also brand the masks with your own logo. $100 per screen color. Current lead time 3 weeks.  Place your orders here


 How long does it take for me to get my shipment?

Once you receive a shipping confirmation email, it may take USPS 2-10 days to deliver your parcel.  As of May 2020, USPS states on their website that delivery is delayed due to the limited transportation caused by the current situation.

If an item is back-ordered, please check the item description for a possible re-stock date.  Keep in mind that our manufacturers and couriers are also experiencing high demand and delays due to the current situation. Please be kind and patient as we are doing our best to get those masks to you! 


What happens if the mask does not fit?

Getting a perfect fit when online-shopping is not easy, and mask fit is so dependent on face shape and size. Please note the first line of masks were developed in response to CDC's guidelines that everyone wears a cloth face mask. We created our masks in unprecedented turnaround time and did our best to put masks in the hands of those who could not get them anywhere else. If you find that your masks are a bit loose around the ears, you can try tying a small knot at the end of each ear loop.

We have now improved our designs to address the sizing issues and have expanded our range of sizes. We have also updated our size chart to be more precise as possible.

Please make sure to refer to this chart and measure carefully before placing an order. Please note: due to the nature of the current situation, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on masks.


How can your single-layered fabric protect me?

Our fabric, Luminology Technology ® is thick and so tightly knit that it is water repellent! (try pouring a small amount of water inside the mask without it seeping out). This feature protects those around you from respiratory droplets from sneezing and coughing. At the same time, it is breathable and soft, with enough stretch to conform to your face.

Moreover, the yarn in our knit fabric is infused with a proprietary blend of naturally-occurring oils that, aside from giving it a high UV protection (UPF 50+) give it anti-bacterial properties that keep odors away.

Our masks are not intended for medical use, but they have been tested in a lab to have a 46 % filtration rate (NaCl filtration efficiency) which is over twice as much as a cotton mask and approaches the filtration efficiency of a surgical mask.


How can I wash my masks to prolong their life?

The best way to care for your protective mask is by hand-washing or machine wash gentle cycle with a mild detergent and allowing it to air dry. 

Our masks are quick-drying and will be ready in the morning if you wash it at night!


How long do the functional properties on your fabric last?

The yarn of our Luminology Technology® fabric is infused with a plant-based oil, derived from forsythia, which gives the fabric its performance and functional properties. These properties last wash after wash.



Our masks act as a simple barrier between you and the world. These protective masks are great for protecting your mouth and face from environmental pollutants such as respiratory droplets, dust, ash, pollen, allergens,  germs, fog, haze, vehicle exhaust, and smoke. As with all health decisions, please consult with your trusted medical professional to determine compatibility with your personal health condition. We make no medical claims with regard to the usage of these masks.

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