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5 Tips For Purchasing Your Next Activewear

If you don't know what to look for, buying activewear can be downright frustrating. It certainly doesn't have to be, however-- and at luminora, we're here to help.

Whether you're in search of a few quality workout essentials or just starting from scratch, we have 5 tips that can help you successfully purchase your next activewear :

1. Choose the right material

Your activewear has one major job to do: keeping you comfortable while you're on the move. Selecting the proper activewear material means assessing what you need from the garment, such as how often you'll wear it, how vigorously you'll move in it, and whether you plan to wear it outdoors or indoors.

If you can, try the garment on to see how it fits and test whether you can bend and move in it comfortably.


All luminora garments are produced using our proprietary all-natural Luminology Technology® fabric. Our fabrics are Dermatologist-tested and recommended by renowned skin cancer surgeon and co-founder Dr. Ali Hendi. Our age defying fabrics were blended with luxury and practicality in mind. The yarn of the fabrics have been infused with a patented, all natural plant based oil containing forsythia, used in medicine as a natural antibacterial agent. Traditional antibacterial fiber are made with silver, loosing their characteristics with oxidization.

Our eco-friendly, hypoallergenic fabrics have never been treated with chemicals to achieve functionality and are naturally UPF 50+, antimicrobial, temperature regulating, breathable, moisture repellent, wrinkle resistant and silky soft. With no residual chemicals that can potentially harm the skin or the environment, Luminology Technology® fabrics retain their properties wash after wash and are ideal for creating active wear that can be worn in variety of climates.

During the heat of the day, the built-in UPF 50+ rating provides your skin with an extra layer of protection. This lightweight fabric and the  nourishing, plant oil-infused yarn well keep you feeling dry and comfortable by drawing moisture away from your skin when you perspire.

Naturally chemical-free, wrinkle-resistant, and antimicrobial, our proprietary textile was designed to fully support you as you take on every challenge that comes your way.

2. Prioritize function over fashion

There are tons of activewear brands that are only trying to sell an image instead of a functional product. These brands are betting on dazzling, trendy designs and low prices to mask their shortcuts, leaving consumers to discover that the garment can barely withstand its first laundry day.

Skip the flashy, poorly-made gear and take a moment to invest in your own comfort-- quality items will always serve you better in the long run and are worth every extra penny.


Here at luminora, we believe that function and fashion are two sides of the same coin. Our garments represent this by melding structure and technology with chic designs for a stylish and practical approach to activewear.

3. Think of your activewear as part of a long-term investment

Everything you do for your health is essentially an investment for the future. You eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, and work out every day in pursuit of maintaining good health, knowing that your positive choices will pay out in the long run.

In order to really cash in on this investment, however, you'll need activewear that can promise to work just as hard and long as you do to achieve your goals.

luminora activewear is made to last, using high-performance Luminology Technology® fabric that's both wrinkle and fade-resistant. Each piece is carefully made to withstand every bend, twist, and lunge you make, no matter what activity you decide to undertake today.

4. Make versatile selections

Getting the most out of your activewear shouldn't stop when you wrap up your workout. When you've chosen to make a sizable investment in well-made, comfortable workout gear, don't be afraid to incorporate your favorite pieces into your everyday wardrobe.

In fact, finding ways to integrate these garments into your regular rotation can even help you offset the expense of the investment. Choose colors and fits that accent your current wardrobe without drastically changing your style to maximize your return.

Luckily, luminora activewear is so stylish and versatile that it flows seamlessly between the office, the gym, and beyond. With plenty of colors and designs to choose from, you're never far from creating the perfect look for almost any occasion.

5. Protect your skin outdoors

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic most of us prefer to workout outdoors in order to minimize the risk of being infected.  But don't forget that protecting your skin from the environment is equally important, especially when it comes to the sun. Covering up with light clothing and using sunscreen both help keep the sun from damaging your skin while you're on the go.

If your fitness goals keep you outdoors in the sun for long periods of time, you'll want to choose activewear that can provide you with adequate protection from the elements.


All luminora activewear uses a built-in UPF 50+, which is capable of blocking out up to 98% of UVA and UB rays (the UV rays that cause sunburns). This extra layer of protection keeps your skin hidden from UV exposure while you engage in daytime outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, and running.

Our specially-designed fabric is lightweight, breathable, and temperature-regulating to prevent you from overheating during the hottest part of the day or  colder evenings.

The Perfect Fit

Whether you're hitting the trail for eight hours of rigorous through-hiking or just getting an easy morning jog in, luminora has you covered from top to bottom.

From face masks to leggings, we've taken the time to round up some of our favorite pieces to help you build the best kit for outdoor activities:

1. Face Masks

Face masks are not only essential for slowing the spread of disease, but also required in most public spaces right now. Luminora face masks, produced with Luminology Technology® fabric, are both breathable and comfortable, and can offer more protection against respiratory droplets than a regular 3-layer cotton mask.

The antimicrobial, moisture-repellent, and dust-resistant design ensures that your skin won't take a beating after wearing the mask for a prolonged period of time.

To keep it clean, gently hand-wash or machine-wash your mask with a mild detergent and let it air-dry after each use. With plenty of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from, you'll easily be able to pick out the perfect mask for your needs.

2.  Sun Protective Sleeves.

Sun protective sleeves are a must-have for anyone who loves being outdoors. These attractive and useful sleeves have a great UPF rating of 50+ and are just as lightweight and breathable as they are convenient.

Instead of layering up and overheating during your workout, slip on a pair of Luminora quick-dry sun protective sleeves before you hit the trails so you can feel comfortable without sacrificing on safety.

As an added bonus, these sleeves are wrinkle-resistant, so you can just throw them in your bag, lunch box, or back pocket and pull them out as needed.

3. Active Wrap Shirt.

Here at luminora, we believe that activewear should be as stylish and comfortable as it is functional. Our Active Wrap Shirt is certainly no exception to this, as it features an adjustable cross-over tie detail and is made with our high-performance, plant oil-infused proprietary fabric.

This lightweight and antimicrobial long sleeve top is ideal for activities like walking, Yoga, Pilates, and cycling, and could easily be worn from the gym to the coffee shop without skipping a beat.

Choose between Sky Blue, Peach, White, and Pink (better yet, just get one of each color) and let this cozy cropped top become your new go-to active shirt.

4. Active Leggings. 

No activewear kit is complete without a reliable pair of active leggings. We paired an ergonomic high-waist design with a thick, wide waistband to give you the support and flexibility you need while you're hitting your stride.

The body-sculpting structure and all-way stretch of Luminora active leggings keeps you looking slim while wicking moisture away from your skin so you feel cool and dry no matter where your day takes you. The anti-bacterial agent which is engraved into the yarn of the fabric will keep odors and infections away!! These versatile, flattering leggings are sure to find their way into your everyday wardrobe before long.

5. Caprera Scarf. 

As far as accessories go, the Caprera Scarf is one of the most versatile pieces available through luminora. This handy, antimicrobial and UPF 50+ scarf can be used as a headdress, a neckerchief, or anything else you might think of when you're on the go.

A variety of designs and colors are available so you can choose one for every occasion, outfit, or mood.

At luminora, we're dedicated to producing comfortable, stylish, and functional garments that are meant to last. Our diverse catalog includes everything from t-shirts and dresses to bathing suits and sarongs, plus a plethora of high-performance activewear.

Take a look at our blog for additional information about our UPF apparel, and see for yourself why we're the best at what we do.

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