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Luminology Technology® UPF Fabric

Luminology Technology® fabrics are Dermatologist-tested and recommended by renowned skin cancer surgeon and co-founderDr. Ali Hendi. Our age-defying proprietary Luminology Technology® fabrics were blended with luxury and practicality in mind.

The yarn of all our fabrics has been infused with a newly patented, all-natural plant-based oil, containing forsythia, used in medicine as a natural antibacterial agent. Traditional antibacterial fibers are made with silver, losing their characteristics with oxidization. Our eco-friendly, hypoallergenic fabrics have not been treated with chemicals to achieve functionality and are naturally UPF 50+, antimicrobial, temperature regulating, breathable, moisture repellent, wrinkle-resistant, and silky soft.

With no residual chemicals which can potentially harm the skin or our environment,  Luminology Technology® fabrics retain their properties wash after wash and are ideal for creating a resort or activewear that can be worn in a variety of climates.