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Our Founders


 Founder / CEO- Azi Hendi, Esq.


Azadeh (Azi) Hendi, a former attorney, is a fearless globetrotter with an obsession for all places sunny and a passion for concious living, design and fashion.

As the wife of a distinguished skin cancer surgeon, Azi knows firsthand the perils of inadequate sun protection.

Mother of two active boys, she spent many hours outdoors with her family playing sports, exploring, shopping or traveling. Azi found that her active outdoor lifestyle was in conflict with the science linking sun exposure to skin cancer, discoloration of the skin and premature aging.

Inspired by her world travels, an advocate at heart, Azi merged her love for design, healthy living, science and travel, and created a collection of comfortable, versatile, stylish, easy to travel with, and most importantly sun-protective clothing for busy women who value fashion and function equally. 

Azadeh, meaning free spirit set out to promote freedom for all women desiring a healthy, active, lifestyle. luminoraTM is a call to freedom. Freedom to seek, explore and experience life guilt and worry free. Freedom to want it all, without risking it all. 


Co-Founder- Ali Hendi, MD

ali-hendi-the-co-founder-and-skin-cancer-of-luminora-one-of-the-best-uv-protective-and-upf-natural-fabric-and-clothing-for-womenDr. Hendi is a board-certified dermatologist, fellowship trained Mohs surgeon and renowned skin cancer specialist.
After completing his training, he worked at the Mayo Clinic before establishing a state of the art skin cancer surgery center in the Washington DC area. He is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at Georgetown University where he teaches dermatology trainees.
Having treated over 10,000 skin cancers and publishing over 20 scientific papers and a book (Atlas of Skin Cancers), he is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences.
Furthermore, he is a skin cancer expert for the media. He has been interviewed for over 50 print, online and TV interviews, educating the public about sun safety and skin cancer awareness.

Some of his interviews have been with Men’s Health, Family Circle, Women’s Health, US News & World Report, ABC Nightly News and PBS NewsHour.

He is an active member of the American Academy of DermatologySkin Cancer Foundation, and the American College of Mohs Surgery.