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Ali Hendi M.D. interview with NBC4 Washington | 4 things you should know

Dr. Ali Hendi, Co-Founder of luminora™, was recently interviewed by NBC 4 Washington. In his interview with NBC 4Dr. Ali Hendi spoke about keeping safe from the sun, and skin cancer prevention.

It is estimated that one in five Americans will get skin cancer, making it THE most common cancer. Skin cancer cases outnumber breast, lung, colon, and prostate cancer combined!

The most common skin cancer, Basal Cell Carcinoma is slowly growing and rarely fatal. It grows within the skin and typically does not spread (metastasize).

The second most common skin cancer is Squamous Cell Carcinoma, which can be fast-growing, and has the potential to spread. However, melanoma is the deadliest and accounts for the majority of deaths from skin cancer;

Luckily it accounts for less than one percent of all skin cancer cases.

UV exposure from the sun, or tanning beds, is a known carcinogen that accounts for the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer.

You should always protect your skin when outdoors by using sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and sun protective clothing.

Luminora™ is a new line of sun protective clothing that merges science with fashion.  

Using the propriety Luminology Technology™ fabric, luminora™ offers UPF 50+ protection which is designed to last wash after wash. Typical UPF fabrics are coated with chemicals which wash off and are harmful to the environment.

Luminology Technology™ uses a patented plant-based oil that offers high UPF protection in an eco-friendly manner.

The plant-based oil does not wash off, makes the fabric silky soft, and offers all the benefits of a functional fabric: antimicrobial, quick drying, water repellent, and wrinkle resistant.

luminora™'s co-founder, Ali Hendi, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist and leading skin cancer expert in the nation's capital. With over 15 years of experience treating skin cancers, he is keenly aware of the damage one gets from chronic unprotected sun exposure.  

Azi Hendi, luminora™'s CEO and creative director, has been aware of the risks of unprotected sun exposure for years. However, she found it impossible to find garments that offered protection from the sun without forgoing her sense of style.

Hence, the husband and wife set out to develop a clothing line that provides seriously fashionable and nourishing high-quality skin protection.

After years of research, they have created the ultimate line of sun-wear which merges science and style: luminora™. Luminora™ exists so you can enjoy your moments in the sun, guilt-free!

You can watch the full interview here.

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