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Miami Swim Week

Fall is here, as the leaves are changing color and the weather is getting colder. We're taking advantage of this less busy time to prepare for the seasons to come by working on exciting, chic new designs for next year's collection and tweaking the colors and fabrics we're going to use. We're also in the process of expanding our sales team, updating our website, and finding the most ideal boutiques and showrooms for our designs. We're making changes based on the feedback we've received from both our current vendors and customers. It's so exciting to see our pieces on display in several high-end resorts, and we're doing everything possible to provide the best service and quality to our current vendors. While we're looking towards the future and deciding which direction to take our company in, I can't help but think back to everything we did this past summer. As promised in my end of summer blog post, here are the details of our first Miami Swim Week.


In July, we travelled down to Miami for the Swim Week resort wear trade show. This experience was both eye-opening and exciting, and the positive response to our first collection was overwhelming. While in Miami, we were chosen to participate in Hammock's fashion show. The show was attended by buyers, Miami’s fashionistas, paparazzi and other members of the fashion industry. The event showcased two of our designs on the runway, which spanned over the W Hotel’s pool. We also had our own showroom suite at the event, where buyers and wholesalers could come to view the line and visit with the designer.


Our Murano Jumpsuit and Ravello Sarong on the runway at Hammock. Click on the picture to shop!


Turkish newscaster Julide Ates in our Murano Jumpsuit.

To see models wearing our Ravello Sarong and Murano Jumpsuit on the catwalk and to hear the crowd’s enthusiastic reaction was surreal for me. Although the trade show is intended to showcase the line and sell wholesale purchase orders to buyers, an international news anchor, Julide Ates, stopped by our showroom suite at the W Hotel to see the line and talked us into selling her some of our sample pieces right then and there! We loved her excitement for our line and just couldn’t say no!

While we were in Miami, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, South Beach, DiLido Beach Club hosted a luminora pop-up pampering event. Guests enjoyed complimentary champagne, mini-massages, glam squad hair braiding, and makeup touchups. This event was a fun, inviting way to both introduce our collection to prospective clients and meet our customers face-to-face. 


luminora is now sold in the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach’s newly renovated spa as well as The Delano Hotel, Edition Hotel, and Loews Hotel gift shops in Miami. Without a sales rep at the time, I walked into the hotel shops, met with their buyers personally, and sold my designs on the spot. This was a very intimidating and humbling experience for me, but I knew by their reaction and sales experience that luminora was headed in the right direction.


Our collection at the spa at the Ritz Carlton South Beach!


Around this same time, our Portofino bathing suit was featured in The Best of Intima, a magazine dedicated to swimwear and lingerie. Being named one of the best new pieces for the summer lead us to consider creating more bathing suits in the future.

This summer brought a lot of positive change for luminora, and the interest and feedback we received at Miami Swim Week was both encouraging and motivating. Nevertheless, we also faced several obstacles and difficulties during our first summer in business. One of my personal challenges was finding the balance between work, personal care, and my family, and finding ways to manage my time and energy most efficiently.  I've learned a lot in the past months and can't wait to share some of my experiences with you in my next blog post about being a mompreneur. We can't wait to keep growing as a company and continue educating people about the importance of sun safety. Skin cancer continues to be on the rise, and our mission to help reduce the risk associated with this deadly disease is what keeps me going, regardless of the challenges I face.  We are also very excited to introduce you to our newest designs, now up on our website. Thank you for your continued support during our journey!

 Love & luminora, 


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