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Sportswear: How It can Improve Your Overall Performance and Recovery

Let's be honest. 

Putting together a good workout routine and sticking with it is challenging.  And choosing suitable sportswear to support your performance, even more so.

If you are discouraged by not having a solution, don't be because you are not alone in this process.

Every person that works out does so with the intent of feeling good, achieving optimum health, and completing workouts safely.

High-performance sportswear with compression and stability has become a thing because consumers recognize the importance of protecting their bodies from injury and their skin from sun damage. 



OK, let's keep this real and to the point. 

When considering sportswear, if you are spending a lot of your time outdoors in the sun, unprotected, know that you are increasing your risk of getting skin cancer.

Yes, that sounds harsh, but it's true.  And science has proven this time and time again.  For this reason, if you plan to be out in the sun for long periods, equip yourself with the necessary clothing.

Luminora's activewear uses Luminology Technology with a UPF 50+ rating that blocks 98% of UV radiation from attacking the skin, thus, ensuring the highest level of skin protection.

You may be asking yourself, what's the problem with a simple pair of leggings or shorts and a tee when all I'm going to do is sweat.  Aren't they functional enough to wear outside?

Yes, that is true.  You will sweat because cotton tees and leggings with a small percentage of spandex are in no way moisture-wicking and offer no support for your muscles. 

Furthermore, once t-shirts and leggings become wet, they cling to your body and interfere with your workout by shifting, hindering your movement, and weighing you down for the remainder of your training.

So, the limited level of support you may have had when you first put them on will be gone. 

And yes, they are functional enough to wear outside, but only to a degree when it comes to muscle support and skin protection.

Luminora understands "firsthand the perils of inadequate sun protection" and just how too much sun can lead to "skin cancer, discoloration of the skin, and premature aging."  They also understand the need for activewear to provide compression to the muscles, help maintain blood flow, reduce muscle fatigue and keep you from cramping.

Think about it; if you're exercising outdoors, you are getting bombarded with sun rays and toxic chemicals that surround us every day in some form or another.  Traditional workout clothes do not keep you dry. 

They do not provide the protection needed for your skin, even if you are using, as recommended, an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 30 or higher on exposed body parts.  And they do not have the necessary compression to keep your muscles from swelling once your workout is complete.

All sportswear is not the same, but in the world of workout attire, Luminora Activewear shines.



Consider this — if your workout is high intensity, your sportswear needs to be strong enough to handle the pressure.  Just the same as if your workout was leisurely.

For example:

If you're a hiker or mountain climber, aside from all the necessary tools you use, you need clothing gear to help reduce injury to your muscles during your activity.  Activewear that will apply just enough pressure around your muscles that you feel the security of the fit and, in turn, avoid harming any tendons. 

If you're running or lifting weights, your body needs performance sportswear to provide firm support, help with blood flow, and reduce muscle soreness.

If you're doing low impact cardio, such as walking (fast or leisurely) or just doing much walking while hanging out, again, having firm support for your muscles and protection for your skin is necessary.

How activewear helps you recover from your workouts lies in the strength and amount of compression in the fabric.  The key is understanding that performance and recovery work together.  If you perform poorly in your training and lack proper sportswear, you risk having a poor recovery.

No matter what the activity, there will always be over-exertion of the muscles, and proper recovery, the right nutrients, and minerals will make the difference in whether you injure yourself or help the recovery process along.  Suitable sports apparel can aid in this process.

Luminora's activewear is for this very purpose and will help reduce injury and muscle soreness.

The multi-functional activewear contains 20% spandex, strength, and compression.  It will increase blood circulation and provide support for the duration of your workout — all the while keeping you fresh, fashionable, dry, and germ-free.  

Luminora believes activewear can be stylish and functional at the same time.  In other words, modern, chic, and practical.  You can still feel confident about what you're wearing.  So there is no need to sacrifice one over the other.

High Rise.  High Waist.  High Performance.  Multiple styles and colors.  You have options, and we have answers.


Basic High Rise Leggings — Hanging out for the day or traveling for the weekend, our 3-way stretch is the optimal choice.  Made from all-natural, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking fabric and ready for all-day wear and hold.

High Waist Mesh-Trim Leggings — Beauty and style are in the eyes of the beholder.  Moisture-repellent, 98% UVA/UVB blocking, mesh ventilation. In two bold, eye-catching colors, they're ready for any form of activity.

Lifting Stripe High-Performance Leggings  — Breathable, nourishing, luxurious.  Plant oil-infused yarn and creative stripes across the derriere give just enough design without going overboard.

Active Wrap Shirt  — A twist on your workout breeds many possibilities.  The comfortable, cropped, sassy cross-over tie has a peephole in the front.  Multiple colors and ways to wear this wrap give you more options.

Sant Angelo Crop Tank — A beautiful, stylish, sexy tank, ready to protect your skin from the harsh elements.

The Perfect T — The perfect tee is a simple matter of choice.  Short sleeve or long?  Both are great for lounging around the water during the evening.

Without a doubt, any of these UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) mix-and-match pieces can quickly become your favorite.  The Luminology Technology fabric is breathable, antimicrobial, temperature regulating, and helps customers live healthy lifestyles.

For absolute quality, superior protection from the sun, and to learn more about the high-performance fabric used in our UPF clothing, please visit Luminora's FAQ page.

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