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Summer 2017 and our path through producing UPF clothing

With the Labor Day weekend and the end of summer fast approaching, I took a moment to reflect on everything that has happened this summer and what it has meant for me both professionally and personally.

This summer brought with it new beginnings and opportunities, as well as some calm, tranquil moments to reflect on the changes of the past season.



 Santorini, Greece

My family and I just returned from the trip of a lifetime to Greece where we visited the historic sights in Athens, soaked in the Santorini sunsets, and enjoyed the authentic, beautiful landscapes of Crete.

The genuine people, fresh foods, ancient ruins, architecture, and the majestic Mediterranean Sea were all breathtakingly beautiful. Although travel with kids can sometimes be hectic and challenging, I did my best to find moments where I could sit quietly and reflect on what's around me, the gratitude I felt in my heart for the present moment, and the hopes I have for the future.  

It's only when I travel that I realize the vastness of our world, the beauty in the similarities and differences in our people and cultures, and the inspiration to be and do better.

Travelling always serves as a reminder that although we may be drops in the ocean as individuals, we still have the ability to have a major positive impact on others and the world around us.

The beauty and colors of this scenic country have inspired me to create a Greek Isles collection in the near future. Stay tuned to see our next designs in crisp whites and deep blues reminiscent of the Greek Isles and the Mediterranean Sea!

a happy family with white color upf clothing smiling at the beach

My family and I in Crete, Greece.

I trust you all have made beautiful memories this summer too! As you’ll read, you will see that I needed the break! Since the launch of luminora™, we have been keeping busy with multiple different events, from tradeshows to trunk shows and television appearances.

Here’s a highlight of what my luminora™ team has been up to.



One of my pictures of a view of Positano on the beautiful Amalfi coast!

As many of you know, the inspiration to create luminora™’s sun protective women’s fashion line began when I was travelling with my family to the Amalfi Coast and I felt I had nothing to wear. I was disappointed by the lack of sun protective clothing that was both functional and flattering.

I wanted sexy, stylish clothes fit for the Italian Riviera scene, but I also wanted travel-friendly, interchangeable pieces that were sun protective. Being married to a skin cancer surgeon, sun protection is a high priority in my search for the right wardrobe pieces for my family and myself.

Since I couldn’t find such fashions already on the market, I decided to create them. Fast forward a little over one year, and luminora™ was born, our first line launching in May.


It was great to see all of my supportive friends and family at our launch party at the W Hotel!

Since launching the first collection at our party at the W Hotel in Washington DC, we have experienced a whirlwind of activities, accolades, and media attention!

The buzz surrounding luminora™’s 12 versatile, interchangeable designs has been enthusiastic, but it’s also the Luminology Technology™ fabric itself that customers have been raving about!

We have learned from our health-conscious consumers that they prefer the non-toxic, all natural Ultraviolet Protective Factor (UPF) 50+ clothes we have created to other clothing options and measures of protection against the sun’s UV Rays.

Frequent travellers have also responded positively to the fabric’s lightweight, breathable, wrinkle resistant, quick-drying, and antimicrobial qualities.


Our mention in People Style Watch!

Media attention about the launch included my television appearances presenting luminora™'s fashionable collection on three local TV morning programs in Washington, DC and Florida.

We have also received attention from magazines, with People Magazine spotlighting the Capri Maxi Dress in their article “The Most Stylish UPF Pieces for Every Summer Activity,” and Washington Life magazine featuring our swimsuit and jumpsuit in their Summer Swim editorial piece.

I am delighted that people and the press are responding so favorably to our stylish, functional women's apparel.


We were featured in

Washington Life magazine!

Great Day Washington

and ...

FOX 5 - Sun Safe Fashion

On top of all of that, in July, we travelled down to Miami for the Swim Week resort wear trade show.

For a new designer/entrepreneur like me, this trip was an eye-opening and exciting experience! But there is so much to tell you about this that I am saving it for my next blog post. Stay tuned!



As an attorney by trade, my professional experience has helped me as an entrepreneur and new business owner.

However, I have had to learn through trial and error what it takes to be a fashion designer/female entrepreneur and to work with apparel manufacturers, buyers and retailers.

It’s been a humbling and enriching experience and I am thankful to have my small staff and dermasurgeon husband, Dr. Ali Hendi’s, support. I am also grateful to all my family and friends who believe in my vision.

We thank you for your support of luminora™’s Spring/Summer ’17 launch!

Our new Riviera line will premiere in November for the Spring 2018 resort season. The new collection features a beautiful Rosé color fabric and fierce leopard print that will interchange nicely with our existing pieces.

We also have a new hooded tunic and a two-piece bathing suit with a boxer style bottom I know you will love! We look forward to featuring more stylish, luxurious, all natural UPF 50+ fashions that will allow you to embrace the sun carefree and beautifully!


With Love & luminora,


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