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Top Cardinal Skin Care Rules After Cosmetic Treatment

Botox treatments, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion are all cosmetic treatments geared towards eliminating skin imperfections. But the results can be affected by how well we take care of our skin after the treatment.

Everything from staying hydrated to the type of skincare products we use can aid the recovery of our skin and heighten the treatment results.

And perhaps, that's why you're here: to learn how to do so correctly.

First things first, the length your skin will take to recover will depend on the type of treatment you had. That is, if the procedure was non-invasive, then you should be okay after a short while.

But if the procedure left broken skin, recovery may take time and a bit of patience.

All in all, the aftercare of your skin should never be neglected. Here are the three main cardinal skincare rules to post-cosmetic treatment:
• Be gentle to your skin
• Ditch the make-up bag
• Avoid sunshine by using sunscreen and wearing UV protective face masks that can be found at Luminora.

Be Gentle to Your Skin

Fight the urge to jump right back into your everyday regular skincare routine. Any post-cosmetic treatment recovery time should mean developing a gentler approach to skincare. That means any harsh moisturizers, lotions, and serums are a definite no.

And yes, no exfoliating as well. Go for fragrance-free moisturizers that are mild, as well as gentle cleansers as well. If your doctor gave you any skin ointment or lotion, make sure you use it as instructed.

Keeping the face clean and well moisturized is what will keep scarring and infection at bay.

If your skin develops scabs or starts peeling, don't panic. This is normal after undergoing specific cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels. Avoid picking at the scabs or trying to scrub out the peeling skin. Instead, keep your face hydrated and always gently pat a soft towel against your wet skin to dry it.

The scabs and peeling should disappear eventually for brighter, smoother skin. Don't fret: think about it as taking care of overly sensitive skin for a little while.

Ditch the Make-Up Bag

Before the pandemic, individuals that underwent cosmetic treatments often took time off of work to recover. But now, since most can work from the comforts of their home, they can recover and work simultaneously. This luxury also takes out the need to use make-up to hide any swelling, redness, peeling, or scabbing.

Make-up might get in the way of full skin recovery and minimize good results. You can go back to using light make-up after a week or so, depending on the type of procedure you had. But whatever you do, never forget to wash the make-up off and moisturize using mild skincare products.

The best way to know when you're fully healed is to ask your doctor.

Avoid Sunshine

The first few days after cosmetic treatment are crucial. How you choose to care and protect it can break or make your skin's health and final appearance. And that includes sun protection.
Like it or not, signing up for cosmetic treatment is like signing up for a few days or weeks of sensitive skin.

Dermatologists, surgeons, and skincare professionals encourage avoiding direct sun exposure, especially after a procedure. The UV rays from the sun will slow down healing and damage the existing facial wounds. So, if staying indoors is impossible as your skin heals, then use sunscreen.

Always opt for sunscreen with an SPF that ranges between 30 and 40. Any higher, and you'll end up clogging the pores of your skin and causing more damage.

But don't stop there: wear UV protective clothing. Today, we even have face masks that are not only able to block UV rays but are anti-wrinkle, lightweight, and temperature regulating. For instance, Luminora Face Masks fit the above description perfectly.

Such UV protective masks are great for those advised to avoid using sunscreen the first few days after their procedure. Face masks are also an excellent option for those that prefer not to use sunscreen at all. And with the existing pandemic mask stipulations, you get to use a mask that won't irritate your skin like the normal ones usually do.


In conclusion, cosmetic treatments are safe and highly effective as long as qualified professionals administer them. And since procedures such as Botox have been around for a while, researchers have had time to gauge their effectiveness. So far, there have been little to no cases of people experiencing severe reactions to injectables.

The effectiveness of the treatment is therefore not in question. But the aftercare of the skin after treatment can affect the effectiveness of the procedure. Hence, skin care professionals always push people to use mild skin care products to keep their skin clean and moisturized.

Keeping your hands on your face can help minimize the transfer of germs to the face. An unclean face that is still healing is susceptible to infections. Also, never pick at your scabs or try to rush the peeling of your skin. The gentler you are on your skin, the better it heals.

It wouldn't hurt to stay hydrated and nourished by maintaining a healthy diet. But this doesn't mean you get to move a lot, as some procedures can lead to bleeding or swelling. If this is you, avoid carrying heavy objects, bending, or exercising until you're healed.

And lastly, avoid sun exposure. It's the perfect ingredient for damaged skin and unhealed facial wounds. Use sunscreen if you're allowed to. If you can't, use a UV-blocking facemask that is temperature regulating as well to avoid sweating.

But not all UV protective clothing and masks are made equal. Some are infused with harmful chemicals to the skin, while those from Luminora are infused in plant-based oil. This oil gives it antimicrobial properties, which help keep your skin clean and well protected from infection.

If you're interested, head on over to our website and take a look at the available face masks. They come in different colors, designs, and sizes to increase availability to our broad range of customers. We even offer gift cards if you're looking to surprise a loved one with a stylish yet protective face mask.

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