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Covid19 Healthy Habits! Model, Don't Preach!

As caretakers, we play an important role in teaching our children how to keep themselves safe, and never before in our lifetime has this responsibility been greater than it is today. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us as a society to slow down and spend more quality time with our family and our loved ones. With that has come the opportunity for us to play a more active role in not only teaching our children, but also influencing their actions in a way which is more in line with our own values and principles.
When discussing everyday preventive actions with children, the first step is to take some time to explain, in simple words, how hand washing and wearing masks can keep them healthy and stop the virus from spreading to others. But most importantly,  parents and caregivers must adopt the roll model mindset - kids do as they see and not as they are told.  "It's what's caught, not what's taught" that stays with them more often. If they see their parents and caregivers wear a mask and wash hands often, they are more likely to do the same. 

      Make wearing a mask fun by choosing a size that fits your child and a print that inspires them!  Luminora  children’s face masks are not only protective against respiratory droplets, but are also the first on the market to protect your child from harmful UVA/UVB rays!

        Help your child stay active

        Encourage your child to play outdoors—it’s great for physical and mental health. Take a walk with your child or go on a bike ride daily! It’s amazing what nature can do for both you and your child’s mood. But don’t forget the importance of sun safety while you and your family are staying active. 
          According to luminora co-founder and board-certified Dermatologist Ali Hendi, MD, FAAD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Georgetown University Medical Center, “research shows that it only takes one blistering sunburn during childhood or adolescence to nearly double a person’s risk of developing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, later in life!" 

          “It’s great news that more parents today are aware of the risks associated with sun exposure and recognize the importance of protecting their children from the sun.” In his interview with, Dr. Hendi emphasized that sunscreen isn’t the only way for busy parents to shield their kids from the sun, but rather one component of a comprehensive sun protection plan.

          Other components include protective clothing , staying out of the sun from 10 am to 2 pm and seeking shade whenever possible. 
            Use indoor activity breaks (like stretch breaks or dance breaks) throughout the day to help your child stay healthy and focused.

               Help your child stay socially connected and grounded

              • Reach out to friends and family via phone or video chats.
              • Write cards or letters to family members they may not be able to visit.
              • Check to see if your school has tips and guidelines to help support social and emotional needs of your child. 
              • Create a small meditation zone in your house where everyone can go to meditate, or simply take a little break, find personal space. We love the App Simple habit which offers short guided meditations for both adults and children.

               Watch for signs of stress or behavior changes in your child and help them cope

              Not all children and teens respond to stress in the same way. Some common changes to watch for include:
              • Excessive worry or sadness
              • Unhealthy eating habits
              • Unhealthy sleeping habits
              • Difficulty with attention and concentration

              Support your child

              • Parents can find more information about supporting their children during a Covid-19 outbreak on CDC’s Stress and Coping page.

              • Talk with your child or teen about the Covid-19 outbreak. Answer questions and share facts about Covid-19 in a way that your child or teen can understand.

              • Learn more about common reactions that children may have and how you can help children cope with emergencies.

              With love and light,

              Azi M. Hendi  (luminora Founder/CEO)

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