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Best Fabrics for UV protection clothing [Ultimate Guide 2020]

When it comes to UPF fabric and UV protection clothing, there's one question I get all the time: don't my clothes already protect me from the sun? The disappointing truth: not really! While most fabrics do provide some level of protection, their UPF ratings are not all equal or as high as you may think. They should have a UPF rating above 50 (UPF 50+) for their UV protection fabrics. Here we want to break down the factors for choosing the best sun protection fabrics   learn What does the rating of UPF clothing mean? What does UPF mean? The UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor which is a numerical rating to clothing. This rating shows how UV radiations will be blocked by the UPF fabric....

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UPF clothing | all you need to know before buying [best guide]

By now, many people have embraced sunscreen lotion on up to SPF 100+, but have you ever heard about SPF clothing? If you’re only pasting on chemical microparticles, you’re missing the rest of the sun protection component: shade! While there will always be a place for high-quality sunscreen on body parts exposed to the sun, covering up elsewhere can minimize a person’s skin cancer risk significantly. Ideally, it's possible with clothing designed to absorb or shield the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This is where SPF clothing comes in to play! But what is the SPF clothing? Clothing that is certified sun-protection, will have a UV Protection (UPF) of 15-50 and give you up to 10 times the protection of traditional clothing. For comparison,...

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My Journey To Luminora™ | How It All Started

With the launch of luminora™ fast approaching, I’m constantly being asked: “how did you make the leap from being an attorney/wife/mother to becoming a fashion designer?” While the design is an important aspect of my new business and a great creative outlet, it is only a small piece of the puzzle I’m privileged to work on daily. My biggest challenge is finding ways to create a business that is innovative, socially responsible, and serves a greater need for women all over the world. I also don’t see myself as a fashion designer, but rather as an advocate for health-conscious women who value freedom, self-expression, authenticity, and cultivation of joy through travel and new experiences. As a wife to a skin...

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