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Amazing Skincare Tips For Working Women

Millions of working women face this struggle to find balance and manage stress, which is affecting all of their overall wellness, including their skin health.  You are not alone. Our days starting early and ending late, and rest has become a luxury rather than a necessity. Being a mother and new business owner, I am experiencing this situation too and trying to create balance in my sometimes unbalanced world. Juggling my family life and my new business, especially while it is still in its infancy, is both busy and stressful.   We all know finding balance in our lives has a positive impact on both our mental and physical health. But there is a big question! How? Exercising regularly, eating a balanced meal full of veggies and fruits,...

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My Journey To Luminora™ | How It All Started

With the launch of luminora™ fast approaching, I’m constantly being asked: “how did you make the leap from being an attorney/wife/mother to becoming a fashion designer?” While the design is an important aspect of my new business and a great creative outlet, it is only a small piece of the puzzle I’m privileged to work on daily. My biggest challenge is finding ways to create a business that is innovative, socially responsible, and serves a greater need for women all over the world. I also don’t see myself as a fashion designer, but rather as an advocate for health-conscious women who value freedom, self-expression, authenticity, and cultivation of joy through travel and new experiences. As a wife to a skin...

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