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Covid19 Healthy Habits! Model, Don't Preach!

As caretakers, we play an important role in teaching our children how to keep themselves safe, and never before in our lifetime has this responsibility been greater than it is today. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us as a society to slow down and spend more quality time with our family and our loved ones. With that has come the opportunity for us to play a more active role in not only teaching our children, but also influencing their actions in a way which is more in line with our own values and principles. ADOPT A ROLE MODEL MINDSET When discussing everyday preventive actions with children, the first step is to take some time to explain, in simple words, how...

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Best Fabrics for UV protection clothing [Ultimate Guide 2020]

When it comes to UPF fabric and UV protection clothing, there's one question I get all the time: don't my clothes already protect me from the sun? The disappointing truth: not really! While most fabrics do provide some level of protection, their UPF ratings are not all equal or as high as you may think. They should have a UPF rating above 50 (UPF 50+) for their UV protection fabrics. Here we want to break down the factors for choosing the best sun protection fabrics   learn What does the rating of UPF clothing mean? What does UPF mean? The UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor which is a numerical rating to clothing. This rating shows how UV radiations will be blocked by the UPF fabric....

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CDC Recommended Face Masks ; so we made a superior one JUST FOR YOU!

Wondering what we have been up to during the Covid-19 Pandemic? After weeks of doing our part by staying home and baking every pizza and cookie recipe we could find (I'm sure most of you can relate) we decided to take a more active role in flattening the curve! We originally started with donating our proprietary Luminology Technology® fabrics to any and all organizations donating masks to front line workers.  After the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received and in response to CDC's recommendations that EVERYONE wears a mask while out in public, we decided to take an even more active role.   We have now re-engineered our sun-protective clothing company to create Protective Face Masks using the same chemical-free, UPF...

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2 facts fast-fashion brands don't want you to know [+solution]

If you were to start asking people on the street if they knew what fast-fashion was, or what are the most famous "fast-fashion" brands, you would likely get a variety of strange responses. Some people might know exactly what you are talking about and exactly what the ramifications of it are. But let me tell you the truth ... They are so rare! Many people might have heard of the term or even might have a good guess of what it could mean. The majority of people, however, have probably never heard of the term fast-fashion, despite the fact that nearly everyone these days contributes to its cycle. What is a fast-fashion? Fast-fashion refers to the sped up cycle of...

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